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Engage clients, save time and meet the rigorous advice standards with ease.

The number one Adviser platform for Sustainable Investing

Meeting your clients sustainable investing needs has never been easier.


Giving the 90% of Advisers who do not specialise in sustainable investing the confidence to have client conversations and better understand and link client’s sustainability values with their Advice needs.

The complete solution for your Sustainable Investing needs.

Stop spending hours researching which investments are involved in Fossil Fuels, Animal Testing or Tobacco. Enhance your client offering and save time in the process with Ethic Adviser.

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Sustainable Profiles

Discovery is simple and easy with our beautifully designed and purpose built Sustainability Fact Find. Define your client’s sustainable investing parameters, consistently and accurately in minutes.

The Ethic Adviser analysis engine will automatically analyse and provide results of each client’s personal profile against your Portfolios and APLs.

Auto Analysis

We do the work, so you don’t have to.

Research. Review. Compare

Research Companies, Funds, ETFs, Super Funds and SMAs from our global universe of 100,000 instruments. Rely on powerful tools to find what what aligns to your client’s needs and preferences.

Get all your post meeting and compliance needs with intelligent templates that automate your post meeting outputs, including emails, file notes and SoA inputs.


Connect with Xplan

Import your Clients and Portfolios
in a few clicks.

Collates trends data for all your Clients, their preferences and your Advice. Use  powerful data for marketing support and to inform the construction of  investment solutions.

Power of Insights

What Advisers say

What Advisers say

My clients get excited about something different. Responsible investing is a good bridge to getting the next generation involved, and I feel it gives me an edge as an Adviser.

Scott Averay, Bentleys Wealth Advisory

I have been fortunate enough to use Ethic Adviser’s sustainability profiling tool with my clients. The process has not only enabled investing choices be aligned with clients ethical beliefs, but has resulted in more meaningful discussions generally. I have found the process easy and more importantly, quick, without limiting quality.

Craig Haycock, Logicca Chartered Accountant

Responsible investing is a rapidly growing area of interest for many clients, and any tool to increase engagement in investments is an excellent thing for investors.

Clayton Daniel, XY Adviser

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Sustainability discovery

For the first time, Advisers can help their clients define their responsible investing profiles using data intelligent modeling.

Portfolio analysis

Auto analysis of your client’s portfolios to identify investments that conflict with their responsible investing profile, and identity investments which might be more aligned.

In-depth research

Gain access to institutional-grade ESG and markets research on over 100,000 international listed and unlisted shares, ETFs and managed funds.


Manage, filter and compare investments across Ethic Adviser sustainability scores, financial returns, yields, risk, and comparisons against industry benchmarks.

Templated comms

Our email templates help you to position meetings, create automated post meeting emails as well as meeting notes that include all client inputs, your decisions and next steps.

Create advice docs

Auto analysis of your client’s portfolios to identify investments that conflict with their responsible investing profile, and identity investments which might be more aligned.

Compliance + review

Ongoing access to time-stamped interactions and records for each of your clients, and support your annual reviews, which help you meet your compliance needs.


Protecting your client’s personal information is paramount. Only your client’s name and email is needed to set up a profile, and all Ethic Advisers’ systems are encrypted and protected to the highest standards.

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